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There are times that I wish we were rich, filthy rich like what we see in the television. So that I could have my own helper that I pay to do everything I can’t or I don’t want to so that my mom and I won’t argue about my mess and the chores. Rich so that my dad wouldn’t be too far away from me; that he could stay by my side to protect me when my mom is mad at me. Rich so that I could buy stuff I want like clothes, art stuff and other things that fascinates me. Things that I consider that can make me happy. Rich so that I can travel always, not just annually because they still need to save up. Rich enough that me and my siblings wouldn’t fight over such things we need to share because that’s all they’ve got. I wanna be rich; in money and in love.

Most of the time, I am contented and happy. Money can’t always buy happiness. Like look at others, I’m mlre blessed than them. But this just happens sometimes; when I’m depressed. Like right now.

5:48 pm
You were something different.
Something new and exciting.
And all I ever wanted was you.

5:48 pm

You were something different.

Something new and exciting.

And all I ever wanted was you.


"I’d like to say people change and feelings fade, but you’re an exception; no matter how you change, my feelings for you never fade."

I don’t usually put watermarks but she’s a freelance model so why won’t I be a freelance photographer, too?

And yes, I just met her that day.

Sofia’s 2nd birthday at Jolibee Global City

Mariella Summer Bernardino

This cutie 2-month old baby is my friend’s daughter—16 and yet, a proud single mom. I have no rights to tell you guys her story, but all I can say is: I’m so proud of her. She never gave up; she’s one of the bravest women I have ever known.

Honestly speaking, when Eunice (my friend) posts pictures of Summer, I really can’t find her cute because I’ve always seen her dad’s face on her. But when I met her, I swear, I want to eat her cheeks! She’s such a cutiepie; and she doesn’t look like her dad.

I, with some other friends, went to their house to visit Summer. From the moment I carried her, I felt instant happiness. Maybe because after some years of not seeing an infant, I saw her. She’s a blessing from heaven, not only for her mom, but also for us, her titas and titos. I hope to see this girl grow up and be a smart, God-fearing and a nice child. I pray for her and all the goodness that God will give this blessing.

city lights will guide us home

Life Update

Life Update—S e p t e m b e r

It’s September 15, we’re halfway done with this month. Ber months finally started and I can’t even believe we’re 3 and a half months away from 2015. I don’t want to graduate yet, so please, my dearest time, slow down. Sorry for not having decent photos to update my blog, but I am really trying hard to keep my hands doing what I really love—writing and capturing photos.

Here’s what kept me busy for the past few weeks. My blog is pretty much a portfolio, diary and a planner. But really, here’s what it is.

  • August academics. I knew I wouldn’t be part of the honor’s list this year. I failed my physics finals and my math finals was only passing. But thank God, I had no grade lower than 85—which makes me a merit awardee! No promises, but I am working extra hard to make my grades higher. Just no pressure.
  • Buwan ng Wika. I may not have blogged about this, but indeed it was fun. Very hassle because as seniors, they expect the best from us. Practices everywhere, but my dearest Bona made sure we will win. We gave all our best. Also, I consider myself as BNW’s photographer because within that two days, all I did was to take photos.
  • Dagliang Talumpati 2014. The first APSSAM-MAPESA inter-school contest. Nope, I wasn’t the contestant, but I was part of the team who will go to other school, namely Malate Catholic School for the contest. SFS didn’t win, but it was indeed, an experience.
  • APSSAM-MAPESA games. My friends has been telling to watch their games (volleyball and basketball) but I can’t really find time. They’re asking me to take pictures but sadly, I can’t right now. Plus it’s still in Binondo. Makati and Binondo are way too far! Hopefully some other time!
  • SSG Responsibilities. Sort of thankful because finally, I can feel that I was elected as the SC President. Meetings everywhere, arrange this, arrange that. Tell here, announce here, make this proposal. Bulletin boards. Pressure, but I wanted this. I’ll get through this.
  • Math and Science Month. As the class’s vice president, I have to be responsible. Especially that our president is busy, literally. I was assigned to assign and fix everything. But of course, team work! 
  • Foundation month. Busy month! Practices everywhere. Toxic. After our prelims on Thursday and Friday, it would be the start of everything. Mass demo, cultural night, transitus, family day and such! I’m excited!

But after all this, I want to go back on track of course. I hope to have some other time! I can do this. I can do all things through Him that strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

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Jill and the Pink Wall

iPad mini

Welcome to the old China Town

Binondo, Manila • 09-06-14

Earlier today at Philippine Cultural College Manila

I watched my brother’s game, as per my father’s request. He told me to video my brother while playing. So these photos are taken when he’s out of the court, time out or half time. I’m so glad to hear people chanting and cheering our surname. Also, telling that my brother plays good. I feel proud. Although we’re sibling-enemies.

I have been writing and deleting every word I write right now. It’s been an hour but I haven’t wrote anything yet. It’s like I never wrote something perfect for a perfect person like you. I try so hard to put my feelings into words but I think, as of now, I can’t. I am confused. I don’t know what’s right or wrong, to like you or to be casual with you. One side of me is telling that I should tell you what I feel. That it goes it like this: I swear I am tired of being hurt; but I am willing to risk. I am willing to gamble. I want to be strong just for a while. I will tell you every bit, every feeling that I have. Another side of me tells me that you’re not worth it. Not worth to love, to risk for or to be in a relationship. Maybe because I feel that you’ll never like me back. So the other side’s like: “he’s the best friend type, go on”. Bottom line, either I like you and risk or to be a friend that I’ll never lose.

For the first time in my life, I’m confused. This is all your fault.

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Mcdo’s bff fries, boodle feasts, cheesy seafood, pizza, mom’s carbonara, oatmeal cookies, choco lattés, coffee, cinnamon rolls, s’mores and yema cake.

P.S. Did I ever mention that I’m into baking? If not, then I am right now. I actually baked the cookies, the roll, the yema cake and s’mores! I’m actually trying new things. Hee.

Oh, and check my own hashtag on IG! #cafedebahay 😉

I’m kind of amazed on how people find their one true love. I constantly think how it can happen in this unfair, selfish world that out of the blue, one perfect person comes into their life bringing color to their monochromatic universe. Is it destiny? Is there such thing as destiny? I believe there is no such thing as that—is it solid, liquid or gas? Whatever phase of matter you can name. I’m not bitter. Destiny is an illusion people create. Just like magic—an illusion that magicians fake. I believe in perfect timing that we make without being aware that we already do. I believe in wisdom, in reality.

A typical day at Greenbelt—the place where I usually go to escape my house stuff because it’s only 10 minutes away.

Find someone who will be with you through the deepest, darkest days of your life. Someone who wouldn’t leave, nor give you up. Someone who is willing to stay. Life has waves, search for your fine boat.

Find someone who will be with you through the deepest, darkest days of your life. Someone who wouldn’t leave, nor give you up. Someone who is willing to stay. Life has waves, search for your fine boat.